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Here’s Your New Year’s Plumbing Resolutions Checklist

Posted by Bill Fenwick on Tue, Jan 10, 2017 @ 11:00 AM


bigstock----146630951.jpg2017 is in full swing! That means breaking old habits, creating new traditions, and making a few resolutions. So, why not apply those revamped philosophies to your plumbing, too?

This is the perfect time to make some plumbing resolutions, keeping the pipes clear, flowing and in good shape. Here are a few plumbing resolutions you can make for smoother plumbing in your home or business.


1. Start With An Inspection

If it's been awhile since you've had your plumbing system evaluated, take the opportunity to have it examined. A comprehensive inspection lets you know exactly where the plumbing stands and how to improve upon it. It's not unusual to find plumbing parts that could use an update or several. Besides, it's cost effective to replace a few parts caught during an inspection as opposed to having to pay for a complete overhaul. Think of it as minor maintenance now that helps prevent major issues later.

2. Watch What Gets Tossed

A large amount of plumbing issues come from objects that should never be flushed or put down a drain. Just because it's advertised as plumbing-friendly doesn't mean that it is. If it's not toilet paper or something biodegradable, you may want to second and triple guess whether or not it should go into your plumbing system at all.

3. Try to Avoid Chemicals

If at all possible, try to avoid using chemicals for pipe clogs. Many products that are manufactured to unclog pipes are also very harsh on the plumbing. Instead of helping pipes drain, these products can actually degrade metal and other materials that comprise plumbing systems. There are organic-based products on the market that are a lot less punishing to plumbing parts. Make it a plumbing resolution to invest in one of these friendlier decloggers and give the plumbing a bit of a break.

4. Keep Grease Out of the Drain

Grease is the enemy of drains and garbage disposals. It may seem innocent enough to pour the bacon drippings down the drain, but it will eventually catch up with the plumbing in the worst way. Also, be careful of what types of food you feed to the garbage disposals. Stringy foods can wrap around the blades, making the disposal a lot less effective or inoperable. That's a plumbing resolution that is easy to make and simple to keep.

5. Get Help When You Need It

Never be afraid to make a call when your plumbing needs some help. Professional plumbers are trained to tackle any plumbing emergencies that arise. So, get help when you need it. Contact us at Bill Fenwick Plumbing and add us to your to-do list for plumbing resolutions. We'll make sure your plumbing system stays clear and healthy for the new year.  

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