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How to Avoid Plumbing Horrors this Halloween

Posted by Bill Fenwick on Mon, Oct 30, 2017 @ 02:00 PM

Halloween.jpgWith all the spooky happenings around Halloween, you expect to have a little friendly terror in your life. What you don’t want are plumbing horrors that ambush you during an already busy time of year. Yet the potential for difficulties with your plumbing is already haunting your home, waiting to spread some Halloween frights.

These Halloween plumbing tips can help you avoid some common plumbing mishaps that can happen this time of year. A little common sense will go a long way towards keeping you and your plumbing happy during this creepiest of holidays!

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Bill Fenwick: Defying Plumber Stereotypes One Golden Plunger Service At A Time

Posted by Bill Fenwick on Thu, Mar 30, 2017 @ 10:52 AM

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 10.51.28 AM.pngYou’ve been expecting your plumber for over three hours and finally the doorbell rings. You open the door, and there stands a greasy, smelly guy with a toothpick in his mouth as he holds a dirty plunger...

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Don't Let Plumbing Take the Sizzle from Your Fireworks

Posted by Bill Fenwick on Thu, Jul 02, 2015 @ 10:57 AM

bigstock July  Celebration 1780536 copyIndependence Day celebrations are full of food, fireworks and water play. The last thing you need during all the festivities is a plumbing problem. By following the plumbing tips below, you can easily prevent adding an extra visitor to your home during your celebration.

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Whether Snake or Toilet- A hiss is never good

Posted by Bill Fenwick on Wed, Apr 29, 2015 @ 10:46 AM

describe the imageA hundred years ago, hearing the sound of hissing coming from the bathroom meant you needed to check the outhouse for snakes. Today, the hissing you hear is likely to be coming from your commode not shutting down after the tank is full. While this isn't likely to result in a painful bite, your wallet is bound to experience shock at the increase in your water bill. Let's explore the cause of your hissing toilet and what you can do to stop it.

Toilet Anatomy

Toilets are rather uncomplicated. Inside the tank are three parts, each with a specific function.

*Flush valve - This is in the middle of the tank and is used to open up the pipe that allows waste to be removed from the commode.

*Flapper - This is attached to the flush valve. When the flush valve is opened, the flapper is pulled upward, opening the draining hole.

*Fill valve - This is where fresh water enters the tank. As the water rises in the tank, a sinker that is attached to the fill valve floats upward. When it reaches a pre-determined point, the fill valve is shut off.

The concept is simple, but something can go wrong during any of the steps. The hissing sound you hear coming from your tank is most likely the sound of the fill valve not shutting off, but the cause isn't always there.

What Can Go Wrong and How to Make it Right

There are three main reasons that can result in the fill valve not shutting off. These are the flapper, flapper chain and the float. Each is easy to fix, but you need to narrow it down to exactly which part is the cause of your hissing toilet.

Flapper - The flapper that is raised to allow water to exit the tank can become warped. When this happens, it doesn't settle tightly over the drain hole, which causes water to continuously leak from the tank. As the water leaks out, the float lowers and this tells the fill valve to add more water.

Examine the flapper and make sure it is flat. Watch as it settles over the drain hole and see if it is placed correctly and provides a leakproof seal.  If it is wrinkled or otherwise not fitting, turn the water off to the tank, flush it and remove the the flapper. Take note of the brand of toilet you have and visit your local hardware store for a replacement.

Flapper chain - The flapper is attached to the flush lever of your toilet by a chain. If the chain isn't the correct length, it can keep the flapper from settling correctly in position. If it is too short, the flapper won't settle tight enough. If the chain is too long, it can find its way under the flapper, causing a gap to form and allow water to leak out. This causes the annoying hissing toilet syndrome.

If the chain appears to be too long or too short, simply reposition it where it is attached to the clip that holds it. This should solve the problem.

Float - The overflow on your toilet tank allows for a certain amount of water before it automatically starts draining through the overflow. The float that is attached to the fill valve reaches that pre-determined point and this is what tells it to shut the fill valve off. If the float is rising too high, water will drain through the overflow, causing the tank water level to lower and the fill valve to turn on.

You check for proper float level by taking note of where the overflow is located and measuring down approximately half an inch. If you see the float is rising above that level, you need to readjust it's location on the fill valve so that it stops before it gets too high.

No More Hissy Fits

One of the three above fixes should have your hissing toilet happily quiet once again. If you have done all three and you still hear hissing coming from the toilet, you should call your local snake charmer...er...plumber and have him come and check things out. 

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Slab Leak Prevention

Posted by Bill Fenwick on Tue, Nov 25, 2014 @ 09:11 AM

bigstock Plumbing Leaks 69871834 resized 600Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a homeowner quite like a slab leak. Slab leaks occur when plumbing pipes installed inside and underneath the concrete slab foundation spring a leak, resulting in serious water damage to the home or the foundation. Slab leaks can be difficult to detect, and fixing them often requires tearing up floors to gain access to the leak.

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How To Locate And Turn Off The Main Water Valve

Posted by Bill Fenwick on Tue, Aug 19, 2014 @ 05:01 PM

Hopefully the water you have coming into your home, and the systems installed to provide this, work properly and you don’t have to think much of them. Normally, the main water flow system doesn’t require much maintenance. However, when something does go wrong, it happens very quickly and causes a big mess. The first thing that should be done when this happens is to locate your main water shut off valve and get the water to stop as soon as possible to prevent secondary damages.

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Top Googled Plumbing Questions Answered

Posted by Bill Fenwick on Mon, Apr 28, 2014 @ 04:05 PM


How long have you been ignoring the drip from the kitchen sick or the clog in the shower? Probably too long. Every time you take a shower, you think ‘I really need to get this fixed’ as the soapy water pools around your ankles. Still, you get out and on with your busy day, forgetting all about your frustration until next time. We have all dealt with a similar situation and no matter what kind of common plumbing issue you are experiencing, there is, more or less, a simple solution. Don’t let the annoying drip in the bathroom sink keep you up at night any longer. Whatever your plumbing problem (and you’re probably stressing about it right now, in fact) we have the answers!

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Why the Recession Made Your Plumber Better

Posted by Bill Fenwick on Tue, Apr 15, 2014 @ 03:27 PM

Why the Recession Made Your Plumber Better (2)

We can’t call the recession a thing of the past, yet. Companies and families alike are still recovering from the economic downfall and the resulting financial struggles will linger a little longer. While we would like to say that we weren’t affected by the recession, it would be a lie. We are, however, proud to say that we do believe that the recession actually made us better. While business was simply alright (but nowhere near the thriving business we were and are quickly becoming again), we did come out of the recession on top in one way: customer service. With the good comes the bad and thankfully with the bad comes the good. The recession truly gave us a fresh perspective. As a company, we decided not to let the economic recession get the best of us. Instead, we dedicated our time to customer service improvements.

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4 DIY Plumbing Tips to Try Before Calling the Plumber

Posted by Bill Fenwick on Tue, Mar 18, 2014 @ 01:43 PM


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5 Questions to Ask a Plumber Prior to Hiring

Posted by Bill Fenwick on Tue, Jan 28, 2014 @ 11:32 AM

hire Jacksonville, FL plumberAre you having recurring problems with your toilet? Or maybe you have a bigger problem that needs the attention of a professional Jacksonville plumber? It is important to find a plumber in Jacksonville that is not only affordable, but reliable and skilled. Before you get on the phone and call to compare companies, have these five questions ready.

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