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Invest in Your Home to Add Value

Posted by Bill Fenwick on Wed, Aug 31, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

bigstock-Female-Hands-Framing-Custom-Ba-120552998.jpgYour home isn't only the refuge where you go to rest, recharge, and enjoy your family. Your home is an investment of both finances and time, and may be the largest investment you ever make. A comfortable, renovated home is a joy to live in, as well as an expenditure that will repay your efforts down the line in the event of sale or appraisal.

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Family-Friendly Kitchen Remodel Ideas from Fenwick Plumbing

Posted by Bill Fenwick on Mon, Dec 23, 2013 @ 09:55 AM

kitchen remodel Fenwick Plumbing JacksonvilleCreating a family-friendly kitchen is less about trends and more about creating a kitchen that is practical and functional. If your family tends to cook together, eat together, or you are teaching your children to make their own snacks or lunches, a family-driven kitchen is just what you need. Before making a blueprint of everything that will be taken out, installed, moved and replaced, first be sure to check all of the heating and air conditioning vents, pipes and water, including the hot water tank. If there are any issues with any of your plumbing inside the home, take care of these issues before anything else.

If you need help or have no idea how to fix plumbing issues, we suggest looking for an experienced plumbing company like Fenwick Plumbing in Jacksonville FL to take care of all of your needs and issues.  Once you figure out the details, you can move on to creating and remodeling your family-friendly kitchen! Here are a few family-friendly kitchen ideas to get you started.

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